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Matheny Enterprises Calls Silver The Best Trade Opportunity For 2019

July 21, 2019 admin 0 Comment

Matheny Enterprises Calls Silver The Best Trade Opportunity For 2019

July 20, 2019

Recent research conducted by Mr. Brad Matheny, founder of Matheny Enterprises, has conclusively suggested that Silver may rally 100% to 200% above current prices before the end of 2019 as a price reversion process unfolds over the next 6+ months. Mr. Matheny’s recent research has been based on the Gold vs. Silver price ratio and how price reacts to fear and greed factors in up-trends and down-trends. Through predictive modeling and price mapping tools, Matheny Enterprises believes Silver is the best trade opportunity for skilled technical traders for the remainder of 2019.

Mr. Matheny issued a Gold call on October 5, 2018 using his Adaptive Dynamic Learning price modeling system predicted gold would rally from below $1200 to a level just above $1300, then stall – forming what he called a “momentum base” near April 21~24 2019. From there, he predicted gold would rally to a level near $1450, then stall again before a much bigger upside price breakout targeting $1650 to $1700. These predictions were made 7 to 10 months prior to the price of Gold doing exactly what he stated – moving almost exactly as he suggested. Now, we are waiting for that last breakout move to $1650~$1700.

Mr. Matheny issues much of his research on www.TheTechnicalTraders.com. Recently, Matheny Enterprises and The Technical Traders Ltd issued new research indicating the US stock market would enter an extended bearish trend beginning on or near August 19, 2019 which would last till near the end of 2019 or into early 2020. He suggested this downside price move would likely result in a minimum of -13% to -15% downside price correction with the potential for a move greater than -20%. He is advising his followers to remove 60% to 80% of any long positions out of the market before the end of July or as the ES/SPY breach the key psychological levels of $3000/$300.

This August 19, 2019 prediction aligns with his new precious metals research and suggests that the Gold/Silver ratio will revert to a target level near 55 to 65 over the next 5+ months while Gold will likely rally to levels above $1650 to $1700. If this price reversion prediction is correct, then Silver will rally to levels above $28 (+85%) per ounce with the potential for a high price target above $42 (+165%) per ounce while Gold rallies to levels near $1700 to $1800.

Skilled technical traders may only have a few weeks to prepare for this move and to setup trading opportunities to capture the entirety of this upside price explosion. Based on his research, Mr. Matheny believes the price reversion process has already begun and a price revaluation event is the final phase of this technical pattern. The price revaluation event could become “hyper-active” if the fear and greed factors are extreme because of his predicted August 19 market peak.

Mr. Matheny specializes in advanced global stock market research, financial research, predictive modeling and price modeling solutions. They also build complex automated trading systems and publish specialized research in digital form for subscribers and partners. Matheny Entperprises recently published a book detailing his research into economic super-cycles titled “Change Your Thinking – Change Your Future”. This short book is available to the general public to assist them in understanding how larger super-cycles drive huge price rotations within the global financial markets.

Mr. Matheny delivers his research to his followers through his www.TradeTank.com web site and his www.ment.com web site. He has been involved in developing financial modeling and trading systems for over 20+ years.

Through his partnership with Chris Vermeulen and www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, Mr. Matheny and Mr. Vermeulen work together as research partners to identify major trends and trading opportunities for members and followers.

Mr. Matheny’s book, Change Your Thinking – Change Your Future, can be found on either www.ment.com or www.TheTechnicalTraders.com and costs less than $40.

If Mr. Matheny’s prediction is correct, traders and investors have less than 30 days to prepare for a major downside price move in the US stock market and, potentially, the global markets. If you want to learn how to stay ahead of these moves and how to protect your assets while creating greater future success, visit www.ment.com, www.TradeTank.com or www.TheTechnicalTraders.com to learn how you can prepare for these incredible opportunities.

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