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The Xennial Millionaire Project is an attempt to identify, foster and execute entrepreneurial and other success strategies focused on individual and family success as well as reoccurring revenue streams and traditional sales revenue streams.  As a member of TradeTank.com, all members will be allowed to participate in Xennial Millionaire projects of their liking and a portion of their membership subscriptions will be devoted to identifying, fostering and executing these solutions for our members.  We believe the Xennials are the future leaders of the planet and we believe providing our members with unique and sustainable mentoring, leadership and opportunities will assist them in developing the skills and experience to develop more successful futures.

The Xennial Millionaire Project is dedicated to creating opportunity within the following segments :

_ Green technology and resources

_ Regenerative technology and community platforms

_ Educational and instructional solutions and resources

_ Community resources & assistance platforms

_ Lifestyle and socio economic advancement solutions